Amnon Carmel is a passionate lecturer that provides lectures in a variety of Science and Future Technology topics. Amnon has been training and teaching since he was 17 and his resume includes technical training department manager, teacher and e-Learning specialist. He conducted training events in dozens of countries across the world. 


His passion for Future Technology and Science lead him to open a popular blog, become a keynote speaker in public events, made guest appearances in Podcasts as well as a spot in a television Science & Technology program. 


Amnon's academic background includes BA in Business and IT, Masters in Philosophy of the Digital Age and Post graduate studies in Computer Science. He is an active member of the Australian Science Communicators and participated in the Australian National Science Week and Sydney Science Festival. 


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3. Early Earth and Moon
Why do we have a moon? This grey neighbour of ours bears the scars of a catastrophic event that occurred around 4 Billion years ago!

The following presentation clips are from a public lecture titled: "The Human Story - From the Big Bang to the age of the Internet and beyond". Presented by Amnon Carmel as part of the Australian National Science Week 2015, Sydney Science Festival and in cooperation with the Manly Council and at the Australian Museum:

Other popular lectures include: 

  • Everyday Superhero - How future technology can give us superpowers

  • The Human Story - From the Big Bang to the age of the Internet and beyond!

  • Sun, Earth and Moon Dance - A fun lecture about our solar system (STEM years 3-4) 

  • Robotics - Hardware, software, current capabilities and future trends

  • Other available topics include:

4. The Scale of the Universe

Our universe is so mind-boggingly huge filled with planets, stars and galaxies and vast emptiness in between. In this section we peek beyond the borders of our pale blue dot. 

2. The Birth of our Universe

How did our huge universe came to be? From the Big Bang, the formation of the first stars and the birth of our Sun.

6. From Early Bacteria to Humans
For most of the time since the formation of life on Earth, life was only in the form of microbes. But that all changed about 500 Million years ago with an explosion of complex life forms. Earth had Mass Extinctions, Snowball Earth and continental shift Evolution adapted creatures to fit their changing environments. Until around 200,000 years ago in Africa our modern human ancestors came to be and changed everything... 

5. How did life Start on Earth? 
Science is not yet certain about the origin of life on Earth. However there are two leading theories: 

1. Life started in the Primordial Soup on early Earth as various chemicals and molecules have been mixing together for hundreds of millions of years.

2. Panspermia - Life arrived to Earth from another planet. Yes, this is actually a real theory and more evidence piles up to support it. 

1. The Human Story in 1 minute
Introduction - The Human story in 1 minute: From the Big Bang, the formation of Earth, beginning of life, evolution until today.

7. The Technological Future

What does the future hold? Here are some of the main technologies that will revolutionise our society by 2025. Will Artificial Intelligence take over soon afterwards? Will that be the end of the Human Story  /  Manly, NSW 2095 / 0406 462 133  /

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