Arduino is an open-source mini-computer that can be programmed to create amazing electronic projects such as LED animations, cool dancing robots and Arcade Game like the one we developed for our program!  

This unique programs incorporates real programming (C++ language), electronics, game design, creativity and lots of fun! 

All equipment is provides and Parents are welcome to join their kids for free! (No previous experience is required) 

Please contact us for further details:

Toddler Tracking Device Demo

Technical project review (WIP)

Young ICT Explorers Arduino project

One of the Arduino projects we built was part of our participation in the Young ICT Explorers national technology competition. We won 3rd place competing against some of the best schools in Australia!

Our project was the Toddler Tracking Device - TTD - An elaborate wearable Arduino project consisting of a toddler hat and parent bag, both designed to look like the robot BB-8 from Star Wars. Both hat and bag consisted of an Arduino, GPS, buzzer and LED along with some 3D Printed components and other materials. You can find more information and demonstrations in the videos on this page. 

Article in the Manly Daily. Click Here to read

3D Printed Minion Arduino project
Having fun with Arduino!
Young ICT Explorers Project
Transceiver Antennas
Introduction to Arduino
Traffic Lights Project
Introduction to Arduino
Traffic Lights Project
Arduino project
Soldering Arduino components
Introduction to Arduino
Programming Arduino
Young ICT Project
Wearable Arduino Project
Creating Traffic Lights Arduino
Testing the Arduino GPS
3D Printed Arduino Project
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